Our Facility


Located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where 21st Century technology is complemented by 18th century work ethic and craftsmanship. Polymar operates a 33,000 square foot facility fully staffed on three shifts, operating 24 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. All molding machines, automation cells, robots and assembly equipment are managed under one roof tailoring our services to our customers' needs..

Our manufacturing area is maintained as a clean, safe, pleasant workplace.


Polymar molding machines feature CNC and closed-loop process control to assure part-to-part consistency. All phases of the molding cycle are monitored to optimize material property values. We employ the latest in material drying equipment with dew point and air temperature monitors. We maintain a wide variety of hot runner system control instruments and offer mold temperature controls which range from 50° F to 400° F.

Post molding assembly and decorating services are available, including sonic welding and hot stamping of a wide variety of thermoplastics.

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