Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance

The Polymar Quality Assurance Laboratory is fully equipped with all the necessary mechanical and optical inspection equipment. Many are interfaced with computing instrumentation which will generate a variety of chart print-outs, allowing statistical analysis during production. Materials are analyzed upon receipt and during production, monitoring our process for maximum polymer integrity.

All records and specifications are maintained in the quality laboratory for review by our customers, Underwriters Laboratory, and agency auditors. We consider our quality assurance staff to be our customer’s in-house representative. To ensure we operate to the highest standards, Polymar also maintains the following:

  • (1) Full-time Metrologist
  • SPC – Via MATTEC real time monitoring system software to provide customers with CPK Data, X-Bar & R Charts, and Histograms
  • “Smartscope” video inspection machine manufactured by Optical Gauging Products
  • Automotive PPAP and short term capability studies
  • Melt flow – extrusion plastometer